Runes of Magic

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Runes of Magic

Postby Gonz » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:04 pm

I started playing this game a few days ago. It is very fun. Graphics are
very similar to WoW, interface is also very similar. There are 6 classes but there is a kicker to that. You choose a primary class and a secondary class and at any given time you can switch between them. You must level them separately also. You gain 4 elite skills based on your class combo.
Level cap is 50 on Primary and Secondary classes. The game is in "beta" but characters will not be wiped when they decide the game is "live". I have not encountered any bugs through level 20. It is a free download and you do not have to pay to play. They make their money through the cash mall where you pay real money for diamonds and can buy stuff such as a perminant mount. (if you don't buy a perma mount you can rent them for 2 hours at a time).

If anyone isn't playing something else and wants to try it out I encourage you to do so. Seems like a fun game with a lot of potential.

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Postby Kaydog » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:01 pm

I've read a lot about runes of magic and I thought about toying around on it when i'm bored, I guess i'll give it a shot! I've always loved the dual class idea, I really liked it in guild wars and FF11 so maybe i'll check it out!
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