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About Agony -

So you want to know what Agony is all about?

Agony was originally formed in January of 2001, when the first series of guilds were created by GM Jaydrox upon Vazaelle's opening. We formed the guild with nearly 25 real life friends. Friends that had known each other for an extended period of time, and all of them played EverQuest.

Agony ran strong for the course of about 18 months, plowing through content and just having a great time together. Near the end of that 18 months the leaders decided it was time to hang up the towel and move on with other things in life. Little did we know that all of our vacations would be short lived.

Lexus (Agony's Former Guild Leader) requested permission to use the Agony guild because he wanted to rebuild it. So Serafina (Agony's founder) released leadership and let Lexus embark on what is now commonly referred to as Agony 2.0

Shortly after the rebuilding of Agony, Lexus contacted Serafina and asked him to return to the game and help lead Agony to the Elemental Planes and the end game. Serafina agreed to return to the game as Agony's Raid Leader, who now many of you know as Minimeatz (his current character). After a short period of time, Lexus was pulled away to his normal life, and returned leadership to Minimeatz, the original founder to once again lead Agony to success.

So where are we today?

Agony has plowed into the Elemental Planes, through the Plane of Time, and now into Gates of Discord.


Agony itself is a PST based guild. Although we have CST/EST members, the foundation of members are mostly on the west coast.

Agony currently raids 6 days a week, and we understand the importance of having free time so we do our best to contour to the members, and are very understanding if you can not attend every day of your life. After all the game should not feel like a job right?

One of the questions that comes up often is how does Agony handle loot? We use a loot database which we track both player attendance, and items received. Based upon that information the officers make the most fair decision possible weighing in the factors when distributing loot. We are not a DKP guild.

Agony also supports the hand me down system. It's not a rule, but most players follow the general feeling that old gear can help improve the lesser equipped people. We do our best to take care of our members and ensure everyone has a fun playing experience.

Agony is like a family, we respect each other while accomplishing goals at the same time. We play together, we stay together... as long as everyone abides by the rules of the sandbox controlled by Minimeatz.

So is Agony right for you? Are you right for Agony? If you think you are, visit the Join section of this website to view the current requirements and in-game contacts.