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It's things like this that remind us why we love being in Agony - 01-06-2005 3:33 PM - by Minimeatz

It's no secret that the release of World of Warcraft has broken several gaming industry records. So much so that the demand for it is so high that Blizzard has stopped shipping copies because they can't keep up with the load.

This however hurts players who have 30, 40, 50+ guild members who want to play and yet can't find copies of the game on shelves.

Well, in Agony we go to extremes to ensure that every member of this guild is taken care of, and often it crosses the bounds of gaming, and steps into real life.

Through the journey (and 2 headaches later) this should be the last batch of copies we need to get all of our guild members online despite the demand. (Yes those are all real copies... aquired through crazy acts of god, just to get online).


Its been a long time coming... - 01-05-2005 4:26 PM - by Minimeatz

EverQuest has provided Agony with almost 5 years of playing and fun, but it was inevitable that they couldn't (SoE) remain on top forever. The game just couldn't keep our interest any longer, and many decided to go play World of Warcraft.

Because we enjoy playing as a team, regardless of the game, we as a group have decided that we will shift and continue the Agony name and group of friends in World of Warcraft.

If you want to drop by and say hello sometime, Agony is playing as the Horde on the Doomhammer server.

Thanks for all the support over the years, and for those staying with EverQuest we wish you the best.

Leader of Agony (EQ)

Leader of Agony (WoW)

Agony is Officially on Holiday Break - 12-06-2004 4:40 PM - by Minimeatz

Every year, most guilds face Holiday downtime due to the demand brought on by families and the usual "holiday" obligations.

In Agony, we recognize that real life is always more important than a game, and we encourage people to enjoy what life has to offer. Every year we have to make decisions in leadership to reflect upon the demands of real life.

Agony is officially on Holiday Break until the first week of January. We will continue recruitment and encouraging people to prepare for the return of the guild once the Holiday season is over.

If you are interested in joining Agony, the process is the same. Post an app and talk to an in game member/leader. We will socialize and get you involved with us the best we can, however all OFFICIAL raids are on hold until the first week of January.

We look forward to what 2005 has to offer, and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

See you in January!

Leader of Agony

POLITICS!!! - 11-03-2004 2:19 AM - by Minimeatz

Every day for months on end we have been tortured with political bullshit across our country as 2 complete jackass's compete for the presidency. No matter who wins, we lose...

However, Bush may have the lead... will Kerry appeal the votes and fight for power?

Maybe this is the answer.... who knows.